The Mill is currently closed to the public for safety reasons until restoration is complete. Public visits to the Mill will be announced as construction proceeds. For more information please contact President Dean Copeland at, or 781-837-3001 or by mail to Hatch Mill, P.O.Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065.

This project is funded in part by the citizens of Marshfield through the Community Preservation Act

Town of Marshfield CPC (Community Preservation Committee)


MLB Restoration Carpenter, Rick McKee Has A Blog.  Please Check It Out As He Updates It Throughout Hatch Mill’s Restoration.  Click On The Link Below

Restoration Has Started

Please Page Down To View Progress

Despite A Hard Winter Season, The Restoration Moves Forward


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IMG_5963RSZ IMG_5960RSZ Hatch Mill Winter 3-2015 (3)RSZ IMG_5980RSZ
Hatch Mill Winter 3-2015 (3)RSZ IMGP7211RSZ IMGP7294RSZ IMGP7207RSZ

Hatch Mill Restoration Boards Are Cut To Mimmick The Look Of The Original Up-Down Sawmill Used By Hatch Mill

Watch Bob Reimels of Middleboro use his portable Wood-Mizer sawmill to cut the boards used on the exterior sheathing of the Hatch Mill.  

MLB restoration carpenter Rick McKee made a short video of the process. 



A Time Lapse Video By North Bennett Street School Student Emily Ostroff

Please Check Out An Article Written By Nancy Braithwaite About The Mill

Click on the link below

MLB Restorations and North Bennett Street School Students Raise Saw Mill Shed Frame. 9/17/2014

IMGP6897_filteredRSZ IMGP6940RSZ
Original parts are being preserved in restoration.
The “Fender Bent” being secured.

The “Fender Bent” is where the future up-down sash saw mill will be mounted.  We need to raise funds for the saw mill machinery.  Please donate by clicking the donate button on this page.

We’re At The Marshfield Fair. Stop By And See Our Display Under The Grandstand In The History Area

Saw Mill Shed Progress

_MG_2976RSZ“Plate” and “Bent” timbers to support the shed roof _MG_3019RSZ“Plate” and “Bent” timbers to support the shed roof
DSC02973RSZMaking a “Dutchman” or “Scarf” joint to replace rotted wood in an original timber. DSC02967RSZMaking a “Dutchman” or “Scarf” joint to replace rotted wood in an original timber.
_MG_2981RSZ _MG_2979RSZ
_MG_3016RSZ“Dutchman” or “Scarf” fitting into timber being restored Pic 860 RSZNice detail in a post of both a mortice’s layout marks and the drawbore of a joint–you can see the bend in the trenail where it was used to bring a tenon into the mortice when the material was first joined. Image and information provided by restoration carpenter Rick McKee.


Jim Kricker / Rondout Woodworking Extend Posts of Box Mill After Raising

IMGP6032rsz IMGP6034rsz
IMGP6035rsz IMGP6036rsz 

Bill Frugoli Shares Memories Of Hatch Mill (Please click on our videos tab above to view)

Longtime Marshfield resident Bill Frugoli shared memories of doing business with Decker Hatch from 1946 to the mid 1960′s.  Please visit our video page to view the discussion.

North Bennet Street Students Work On Restoration Of Saw Mill Parts

North Bennet Street School students worked on restoring parts of the saw mill while the box mill was being raised.