The Mill is currently closed to the public for safety reasons until restoration is complete. Public visits to the Mill will be announced as construction proceeds. For more information please contact President Dean Copeland at, or 781-837-3001 or by mail to Hatch Mill, P.O.Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065.


The Hatch Mill restoration project has been funded with the assistance of matching funds from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund through the Massachusetts Historical Commission, a division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Francis Galvin, Secretary pending re-authorization of the capital accounts and the availability of sufficient allocated funds.


March 20, 2006

Update on the historic Hatch Mill project:

Brochure designed by Cliff Abrams, Abrams Assoc. Design, LLC
Brochure designed by Cliff Abrams,
Abrams Assoc. Design, LLC


We will be going up for Town Meeting on Monday April 24th at 7:30 p.m. and we will be on the Town Warrant applying for the $120,250 needed from the Community Preservation Fund Reserve for Historic Resources. This request is for the purpose of completing Phase 1 of the Hatch Mill renovation.

The rehabilitation and preservation of this great old mill with its unique up-and-down saw is an incredible opportunity to not only preserve an important piece of history representing the working class of so many generations who contributed to the making of this country through the building trades, but also to keep alive the tradition of these wonderful working mills, teaching the young and old alike about the ingenuity and craftsmanship of our forefathers. This mill abuts Dr. Messer’s property of which the “The Red House” is located. Some of his abutting land was purchased with CPA money last year which has access to the North River where most of ship building was done to build the commerce in New England. The technology of this particular mill goes back to the 1400’s in Europe and when applied in this country was at the “cutting edge.”

At this time in many areas of the country, the razing and “erasing” of many historical homes and buildings to make way for new developments has sometimes left, in the name of progress, a sad void in what should be our prideful representations of this country’s history. Many of these old buildings hold within their walls some of the greatest stories of true Americana. The restoration of the Hatch Mill will provide a multi-faceted educational arena of museum quality for all types of groups of all ages as an authentic
working small-scale mill.

We need to get over this first hurdle of getting CPA funds for the Hatch Mill.
We have accumulated over two hours of unedited tape/footage of individuals. This footage also includes craftsman from all over the country and even the Timber Frame Guild of New Hampshire.





A lot has happened in the past months. We have hired Rondout Woodworking to lead us through the revitalization of the Hatch Mill. On December 7th Phase 1 of the mill restoration began. Temporary bracing and shoring of the mill to make the building safe to work in and ready for the approaching winter is our main concern. Other winterizing efforts consist of jacking and posting the tie beams and principal rafters to bring the roof surface back to the right elevation. The eastern side of the roof will also be temporarily covered in sheet metal to protect against the winter season.

Enclosing the skylight
Enclosing the skylight

Copeland and Sons Lumber Co on Plain St. in Marshfield has proposed a fundraising idea of showing how one of today saw mills work by giving a tour of theirs. Proceeds will go to the Hatch Mill. Stop by and support a business that is helping support us. We will keep you informed on this possible fundraiser and on other fundraisers as they come up.

Jim Kricker and Jack Clancy survey the interior
Jim Kricker and Jack Clancy
survey the interior

The Hatch Mill Restoration and Preservation Group Inc. is also starting a membership system. Membership will include E-mails on fundraisers and a Monthly E-mail on new updates at the Mill with photos of the progress. **Membership to the Hatch Mill Restoration and Preservation Group Inc. will only be minimum donation of $25 a year, larger donations are appreciated and are more than welcome**. Don’t forget that we are a 501c(3) corporation which lets your donation be a tax write off. Make checks payable to Hatch Mill Restoration and Preservation Group Inc., Mail checks to *Hatch Mill, P.O.Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065*.  Don’t forget this could be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Also please remember to respect our neighbors’ privacy and property while this phase of construction is going on. The mill right now is off limits to non-workers. Please wait to offer your help until we notify you that is safe for volunteers to participate. If you would like to volunteer your services please contact us. If you have any further constructive ideas please send us an E-mail.

* Address changed from original article*  ** A membership system is not yet established**    1/31/2014     B.P.