The Mill is currently closed to the public for safety reasons until restoration is complete. Public visits to the Mill will be announced as construction proceeds. For more information please contact President Dean Copeland at, or 781-837-3001 or by mail to Hatch Mill, P.O.Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065.

Restoration Progress

Despite A Hard Winter Season, The Restoration Moves Forward


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IMG_5963RSZ IMG_5960RSZ Hatch Mill Winter 3-2015 (3)RSZ IMG_5980RSZ
Hatch Mill Winter 3-2015 (3)RSZ IMGP7211RSZ IMGP7294RSZ IMGP7207RSZ

Bennet Street School Students and MLB Restorations Hand Hew Some Logs


Michael Burrey

Demonstrating Hewing Process

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (2)rsz

The log to be hewn for “plate” in saw mill shed

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (8)rsz

Bennet Street School students

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (22)rsz

Students trim excess wood with felling axe

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (37)rsz

Steven O’Shaughnessy from N. Bennet St. School

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (36)rsz

How to use a hewing ax

NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (38)rsz

Demonstrating the cut

Hatch Mill NBSS -  1872 Lane Sawmill  and Husk Removal (13)rsz NBST - MLB Students 11-19-13 (31)rsz

More timber from Copeland Lumber Mill

“Lane” Circular Saw Mill From 1872 Upgrade Removed From Hatch Mill


workmen removing saw carriage from sawmillLane Saw Mill Carriage Removal Hatch Mill NBSS -  1872 Lane Sawmill  and Husk Removal (3)rszDean Copeland and Michael Burrey with carriage
Hatch Mill NBSS -  1872 Lane Sawmill  and Husk Removal (31)rszLane Saw Mill Husk Hatch Mill NBSS -  1872 Lane Sawmill  and Husk Removal (34)rszDean Copeland Secures Husk.

Bennet Street School Students Start Process of Restoration

The North Bennet Street School of Boston students documented and cataloged timbers and boards in preparation for restoration.  Steven O’Shaughnessy, department head of preservation carpentry at the school and Michael L. Burrey of MLB Restorations of Plymouth are overseeing the students throughout their restoration efforts.


Bennet Street School Students

Student takes measurements

 Copper Tags For Cataloging


Stamping The Tags For Cataloging Timber and Boards
 Organizing The Tags  Cataloged Boards
 Stamping The Tags seal[1]