The Mill is currently closed to the public for safety reasons until restoration is complete. Public visits to the Mill will be announced as construction proceeds. For more information please contact President Dean Copeland at, or 781-837-3001 or by mail to Hatch Mill, P.O.Box 2518, Ocean Bluff, Massachusetts 02065.

Our Generous Donors

We accept donations mailed to Hatch Mill
P.O. Box 2518
Ocean Bluff, MA 02065

Up and Down Saw Club William Barry and William Fornaciari
Vercollone Family
Carl & Pauline Emilson
Jack & Beth Griffin
Weyerhaeuser Co.
Weston Family
A. W.Perry Co.
Marilyn Noonan
Cherbec Foundation
Benfamil Charible Trust
Adrea Miller
Clark  Hatch
Timothy Tedeschi
Paul & Jill Armstrong
J.William Gordon
David Avery
Susan Bryant Hayes
Rev.  Mark Hatch
Kimberly Bouressa
Clark Hatch
Scituate Federal Savings Bank
Hatch Family members
Brad Jenkins
John & Florence Miller
Jose & Liz Carreiro

Water Wheel Club

John and Helen Baithwaite
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Cornwell
MLB Restroration
Michael and Julie Burrey
James Kricker
Bob & Ruth Fobes
Sydney & Cindy Schultz
Lynne Ford
Joan Clancy
Robert & Kathleen Carr
Donald & Rosalie Keslsey
Turbine Club

Hatch Pond Club

Rorbert & Helen Demers
Betty Jane & Betsy Babcock
Barbra Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Haskins
Jose Sapia
Joff Arapoff
Frank Sambuceti
Maria Carbone
Riverside Landscaping

Circlar Saw Club

Ron & Pat Messer
Susan & Michael Wolfe
Jean & Jack Christensen
Phillip Donahue
Carey Family Nominee  Trust
Wayne & Ann Thomas
Paul & Kathy Trubiano
Harold Hatch
Thomas Kramer
Susan & Bruce Freden
James & Katherine Mc Hugh
Walter Gray Jr
Bob & Crystal English
Gary & Elizabeth Stacey
Wayne & Carolyn Oxner
Barbara Patterson
Clyde & Dorothy Hatch
Robert & Judith Mc Cracken
William Wrenn

Cedar Roof Club

Richard & Edith Barzely
The Commesso Family
Bradford White
Debbie Davis
Bob Dick
Donald Keslsey
Dorothy Hayes
Virginia Gaffey
Bob Goodell
Richard Kidd
Helen Hobbs
Karen Jones
Virginia Chandler
Josephine Desmond
Chris Bernstein
William Barry
Gail Brown
Rick & Lara Brown
Mark Bogan
Chis Deorsay
Ed Mc Pherson
Tom Foley
Jeff Hochmuth
Rick and Lara Brown
Handshouse Studio
Southern Redi- Mix Corp.
Michel DuBoise
Inner focus/ Productions
Dream of the Woods Productions
Robert E. Jackman
Joseph G. Weinman